SEUplift's Board of Directors

2013-2014 Southeast Uplift Board of Directors Composition

The SE Uplift Board is to be comprised of a representative from each neighborhood association, a representative from each of the business association and community-based organization partner within our coalition area.


Ardenwald-Johnson Creek - Marianne

Brentwood-Darlington - Tony Delano

Brooklyn - Wendy Miller

Buckman - Jeff West

Creston-Kenilworth - Seth Garland   

Eastmoreland - Robert McCullough,

Foster-Powell - Seth Gallant

Hosford-Abernethy - Bill Crawford,

Kerns - GT Meili

Laurelhurst - Donald Gardner,

Montavilla  Peter Maris

Mt. Scott-Arleta -  Scott Vala,

Mt. Tabor - Paul Leistner,

North Tabor - Zachary Michaud

Reed - James Hager,

Richmond - Cliff Hutchinson

Sellwood-Moreland - Dan Weiland,

South Tabor - Eric Lozano

Sunnyside - John Noel,

Woodstock - Moshe Lenske,

IRCO  (vacant)

At-Large  Jeff West,  CHAIR


Each director shall endeavor to promote the objectives of Southeast Uplift to the best of his/her ability. Each is expected to attend board meetings, to effectively communicate between the Board and the organization s/he may represent, and, to personally promote and participate in the organization's activities.

Declaration of Unity

The Southeast Uplift neighborhood program board of directors affirms the rights of all citizens to live and work without fear of intolerance because of their age, disability, income, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or their ethnic, racial or national origin.

We honor and encourage the diversity within our neighborhoods and strive to have full participation from all our various groups on our board and in our neighborhood associations.

Board Meetings

Our board welcomes members of our community to attend our executive meetings and board meetings.  If you would like to bring an item to the board and be placed on the agenda, please contact our board Chair, Jeff West at  The chairperson can help you determine if the issue should be brought to the executive committee, the general board meeting or a committee meeting.
The general board meetings are the first Monday of the month at 7pm, here at SE Uplift in the Fireside Room.  The executive committee meets the third Monday of the month at 7pm, here at SE Uplift on the 2nd Floor.