Communications for Neighborhoods

Effective communication is the lifeblood of a successful organization. It reinforces an organization's vision, connects neighbors to a cause, fosters process improvement and facilitates change. No matter how you look at it, communication is a vital part of the community landscape.

SE Uplift supports neighborhood associations in developing communications strategies and methods to effectively reach and engage members of their neighborhood. There are, now more than ever, more ways to reach your audience. SE Uplift assists neighborhood associations with developing communications strategies including: 

Communications Strategies

Marketing and Branding

Outreach Tools



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“We are stronger when we listen, and smarter when we share.” ― Rania Al-Abdullah

How SE Uplift can help your neighborhood association:

SE Uplift guides your association through strategic planning around communications and outreach with the goal of increasing neighbor involvement and connection. We provide resources, trainings/workshops, referrals and consultation that empowers your association to create effective messaging, engage in successful outreach and celebrate the collective and individual successes of your neighborhood community. In conjunction with neighborhood visioning processes, SE Uplift facilitates an inclusive, connection-oriented communications planning process.



An effective way to reach your neighbors and community partners is through a website. Websites provide neighborhood associations the opportunity to share neighborhood news, meeting information and human interest stories with neighbors. Websites can be "brochure-like", meaning fairly static with a minimum amount of information or they can be dynamic with constantly updated information. Websites also allow neighbors access to your association news and updates without attending meetings.



E-newsletters are a simple and inexpensive way to reach your neighbors. E-newsletters allow you to build networks with your neighbors by sharing neighborhood news in a quick manner. Because 75% percent of the American population now has access to the internet*, communicating through e-newsletters is a fantastic addition to your association's overall communications strategy.


Print Newsletters:

Print newsletters allow associations to maintain a tangible connection with all its members - maintaining a crucial sense of community. Print newsletters are the most equitable method for communicating with neighbors. Print newsletters are admittedly a much higher cost than e-newsletters. SE Uplift and the neighborhood communications committee is working to reduce print/mailing costs to associations through fundraising, encouraging association partnerships with printers, and advertising opportunities to off set costs. We also strongly encourage neighborhood associations to create a block captain-type system where a handful of neighbors commit to delivering a reasonable amount of newsletters, by hand, to their neighbors. This method is the most successful method in creating connections and strengthening community capacity around communication. Another method we support is the creation of neighborhood hubs, where neighbors can go to collect a newsletter.  SE Uplift and the neighborhood communications committee are seeking new and not-so-new ideas on how to maintain print newsletters without incurring high costs.


Additional Communications/Outreach Tool Ideas:

Posters for events
Fliers for events
Social Networking such as Facebook and Twitter
Listservs such as Google and Yahoo
Yard Signs
Kiosks/Sandwich Boards/Poetry Boxes to hold newsletters and other information
Promotional Swag: stickers, t-shirts, magnets, etc.