Neighborhood Resource Binder

In 2008, staff created a comprehensive binder for each neighborhood to have as a resource throughout the year.  While some of the details may have changed the overall content is still valid, relevant and we hope, useful.

Overview of Portland's Neighborhood System

History of Portland's Neighborhood System
Portland's Neighborhood Associations
SE Uplift: Your Neighborhood Coalition

Rules and Regulations for Neighborhood Associations

Standards for Neighborhood Associations
What a Neighborhood Association Needs to Know About the Updated Standards
Bylaws-What You Need to Know
Your Bylaws Online
Board Member Contact Information
SE Uplift Contact Information Form

Secretary of State, Corporate Division
Department of Justice, Charitable Activities Section
Department of Justice, CT-12 Form
CT-12 form instructions
RF-C Instructions

Meeting Basics

Neighborhood Elections Best-Practices

Meeting Facilitation Tips
Voting Procedures
Robert's Rules of Order - At-a-Glance
Adaptations on Robert's Rules of Order
Active Listening Techniques
Meeting Ground Rules
Tips to Prepare a Successful Agenda
Meeting Minutes
Sample Meeting Minutes
Sample Sign-in Sheet
Providing Notice for Meetings

Welcoming and Accessible Meetings

Making Meetings Welcoming and Accessible
Icebreaker Activities
Dealing with Challenging People
Tips for Dealing with Challenging Personalities
Interrupting Prejudice Comments

Board Dynamics

Board Responsibilities
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Your Board
Board Committees
Developing a Work Plan

Neighborhood Land Use, Transportation and Sustainability

Statewide Planning History
Statewide Land Use Planning Goals
Glossary of Land Use Terms and Processes

5 Ways to Engage in Land Use Decisions

Appeals of Land Use Decisions
Planning and Transportation Resources and Contact Information
Neighborhood Sustainability


Communication Strategy
Communication Funds - Guidelines and Restrictions
Communication Funds Reporting Forms
Event Outreach
Meeting Outreach
Neighborhood Branding
Tabling Collateral
Creative Public Art
Outreach - An Overview
Communication Vehicles
Organizing Special Events
Neighborhood Cleanups
Block Parties
Event Timeline
Getting the Word Out
Sample Budgets
Multnomah County Health Department - Permits and additional Information


Raising Funds for Your Neighborhood
The Ten Most Important Things You Can Know About Fundraising
Grant Funding Opportunities



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