Neighborhood Sustainability Committees

Neighborhood associations are a great place to get a sustainability effort started.  They offer community-organizing support, access to existing resources, and a very effective communications network for the community.  Many neighborhoods already have active sustainability committees that are open for any community member to participate in.  Neighborhood associations that don’t yet have sustainability committees would be happy to have a volunteer to help create one.

Below are links to existing sustainability committees.  If you don’t see your neighborhood listed, or aren’t sure which neighborhood you live in, contact us for help.

The Brooklyn Sustainability Committee has been working over the past two years to create community composting and gardening sites in their neighborhood.  Contact Nancy at for information on current projects.


Contact Jon at

Contact Liz at

Mt. Tabor
Contact Bryan at

North Tabor
Contact Moonrose at

Contact Steve at

The Richmond Sustainability Committee is working on projects to provide local food security for their neighborhood.  Visit for information on current projects and meeting times.


Sunnyside is working on preparing their community for a less energy-abundant future. Contact Reuben at for information on projects and meeting times.

Transition Woodstock Area (formerly Transition SE South) aims to bring the Transition message of building community connectedness and resilience against climate change, rising energy costs and economic insecurity to the Woodstock and surrounding neighborhoods.  We meet generally on the 2nd Thursday of each month at Trinity UMC, though occasional meetings are elsewhere.  Everyone is welcome! 

Contact Becky Luening (chair) at for information