Frequently-Asked Questions

What neighborhood do I live, work, go to school or play in?

Visit Portland Maps and type in the street address. At the top you will see the name of the neighborhood, as well as be able to view detailed information about your area. If you're still having trouble, contact us or call the City Information & Referral Line at 503-823-4000.

What can I do about a neighbor I am having a conflict with?

There is free mediation services for all neighbor conflicts in the City of Portland. Contact Resolutions Northwest at 503-595-4890. Mediation helps people in a conflict find a solution acceptable to all by providing highly trained neutral facilitators to help them have a conversation about their concerns.

How can I get more information about the crosswalk laws in Portland?

Portland residents consistently identify concerns with traffic safety as one of their biggest neighborhood problems.

Responding to those concerns, The Office of Portland Transportation (PDOT) changed the crosswalk law in 2003 and amended it 2006 making crosswalks safer for pedestrians.

To learn more about these changes in the law and other important traffic safety information visit portlandonline's PDOT section.