Fiscal Sponsorship

SE Uplift's Fiscal Sponsorship Program

UPDATE 11/12/13:

SE Uplift is no longer accepting fiscal sponsorship requests from any organizations, aside from our 20 coalition neighborhood associations.  The SE Uplift Executive Committee of the Board is currently fine-tuning the requirements for outisde organizations.  We will update the website as soon as the new process is adopted.

For questions or information, please contact Anne Dufay at or 503-232-0010 x 311.

What is Fiscal Sponsorship?

Fiscal sponsorship arrangements typically arise when a person or group (we will call this a project) wants to get financial support from a private foundation, government entity or individual or corporate donor.  By law or preference, the funding source will make payments only to organizations with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

Fiscal sponsorship opens opportunities for individuals and organizations to receive grants and tax-deductible donations, and can provide them with financial management and reporting services. The fiscal sponsorship relationship must be formally outlined in a mutually agreed upon contract, signed by the sponsor (SE Uplift) and the project (neighborhood association or other legal entity). 

At a minimum, the sponsor should collect all pertinent information and records.  It should approve all financial expenditures, and all significant decisions in running the project, and it should have the power to terminate the relationship if the project engages in any activity that jeopardizes its tax-exempt status.  It is illegal for a fiscal sponsor to take funds and simply pass them through to a project.  The project funds (grant, donations, etc) belong to the sponsor (SE Uplift).  Projects must request reimbursement in order to access funds for pre-approved activities and expenses.

What Are the Benefits of Fiscal Sponsorship?


How Does Fiscal Sponsorship Work?

  • In order to pursue fiscal sponsorship with SE Uplift, a project must benefit the coalition area and be compatible with our mission, “To assist the citizens and neighborhood associations of Southeast Portland to create communities which are livable, socially diverse, safe and vital.  SE Uplift provides an organizational structure and forum to empower citizens to effectively resolve issues of livability and community development.”
  • Fiscal sponsorship is offered to organizations and individuals on a per-project basis, for specific projects on a one-year timeline, with the option for extensions each year.   We also offer fiscal sponsorship in bundled agreements to coalition neighborhood associations for multiple fundraising events and activities expected for the upcoming year. 
  • Approved projects will be authorized to utlized SE Uplift's tax exempt status for fundraising.  All funds must deposited into the project's designated account at SE Uplift.

Is There a Fee for Fiscal Sponsorship?

SE Uplift's Executive Committee determines each project's administrative fee when reviewing the fiscal sponsorship application.  The fee is waived for all neighborhood associations.  There is a 7.5% fee for all other organizations.  

How to Pursue Fiscal Sponsorship:

  • If you meet the criteria above and would like to pursue fiscal sponsorship with SE Uplift, please contact Anne Dufay, 503-232-0010 x 311 or, to discuss the proposed project and learn more about SE Uplift's fiscal sponsorship program. 
  • Once you have discussed the project with staff, you must complete and submit a fiscal sponsorship application detailing the proposed project and its components.
  • Completed applications are then submitted to SE Uplift’s Executive Committee for review and official approval of the fiscal sponsorship project.
  • Approved projects must meet with SE Uplift’s Fiscal Sponsorship Manager to discuss the project and sign off on an official contract, which describes important policies and procedures for the fiscal sponsorship relationship.
  • Once the contract has been signed, a designated account will be set up for the project.

Fiscal Sponsorship Resources

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