Land Use and Sustainability Commitee

The SE Uplift Land Use and Sustainability Committee meets the third Monday of each month from 7 to 9 PM at the SE Uplift offices, 3534 SE Main St. Portland, OR 97217. The agenda is available one week in advance. To be included on the agenda, please contact Bob Kellett, (503) 232-0010 ext. 314

Southeast Uplift has a well known and effective Land Use and Sustainability Committee (formerly known at the Land Use and Transportation Committee - LUTC) that is influential in many land use, transportation, and other livability issues in the Southeast Uplift area. A major goal is to assure that neighborhood concerns are reflected in government decisions. The committee is represented by delegates from each of the twenty neighborhood associations and several business associations. The committee is open to anyone in the coalition area interested in attending. The committee meets on the third Monday of each month, except August and December. See our Calendar for exact dates. *

The Land Use Committee serves as a forum for the discussion and evaluation of land use and transportation plans and policies that effect neighborhoods in the Southeast Uplift area. The committee frequently invites representatives from the City of Portland, Metro, TriMet and other organizations to speak on a variety of issues. The Land Use Committee may also take a position in favor or in opposition to significant land use or transportation issues that affect multiple neighborhoods. Committee members often represent Southeast Uplift on Citizen Advisory Committees and other working groups to ensure the concerns of neighbors are addressed in the development of public policy.